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March 9, 2011 / pcatcityartsri

Liza’s Bio

1.Name: Liza Dunbar

2. Year: class of 2011

3. Major/Minor: Political Science, Spanish Minor

4. Hometown: Duxbury, Massachusetts

5. Photography experience: I took a photography class in high school but mostly just taking pictures of my friends and family.

6. What are your reasons for taking this class? I always wanted to take a PSP class before I graduated. I love working with kids and am interested in different kinds of art. This class seemed like it would offer a great experience.

7. Explain your idea of community: To me, community is feeling engaged and connected to the people you interact with. It comes in different forms and through different methods, but it sharing something in common that contributes to forming an identity.

8. Who is your City Art Artist buddy? Gabriela Calderon

9. What is your service experience (scope of service experience): In high school, I worked with a therapeutic horseback-riding program for children with disabilities.  When I came to P.C., I volunteered at a PASA after school program and with the elderly teaching an ESL class.

10. Do you have any previous connection to South Providence community? I do not have any previous connection with South Providence.

11. What is your favorite part of the Providence (Providence College) Community? The relationships and connections I have made.

12. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were your buddy’s age? I wanted to be a veterinarian, a truck driver, and the President of the United States.

13. Did you ever take any art classes when you were younger? I took painting classes and piano lessons for several years when I was in elementary and middle school.

14. Was there art in your school? There was at every grade in my school.

15. What is the place of art in a community? Art is a great way to get people working together. Art can heal, encourage, express, unify. Expression is essential to the individual spirit and to the spirit of the community.

16. What is the place of art, specifically in your own community? Art and especially music is often used as a way to get people together in Duxbury. Many of the fundraising events in my town are focused around local art and artists.

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