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March 7, 2011 / pcatcityartsri

Outside the Box

Friday March 4th! What a great day at City Arts. Today as an activity we asked the artists to pick a few mini animals out of a collection we had and told them to practice their focus and their zoom skills. Hey, what a fun activity, I even had a chance to practice mine too! What an amazing experience. I loved molding, changing and shaping my little figurines into beautiful pieces of art work. My artist was able to bring out his awesome talents by rearranging all of his animals into cool positions where his personality had a chance to shine. After this activity we took a walk around the neighborhood and we were able to see where the kids live and hang out. It was a great bonding experience because as a PC student I never really get to escape this community that I’m engulfed in. Stepping out of this “PC box” was great, seeing things that reminded me of home was even better. I enjoy PC, I love the community but I also enjoy being able to see the outside world once and a while. The artists at City Arts are so creative and uplifting, I only hope that one day they can come see and take pictures of our PC home.–Laurie 🙂

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