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February 18, 2011 / pcatcityartsri

Andres’ Bio

1. Name: Andres Flores

2. Year: 2012

3. Major/Minor: Global Studies humanities, Concentration in Latin America / Spanish Minor

4. Hometown: Providence, RI

5. Photography experience: I have my own digital camera with a few more megapixels than the usual point and shoot which I use to take shots of everything when I go walking or running. Have played with the shutter settings but otherwise I just point and shoot.

6. What are your reasons for taking this class? Nick forced me to… Hahaha I am kidding. I wanted to take this class since it was the easiest way to incorporate photography into my major. The service aspect came as a bonus.

7. Explain your idea of community: I believe community to be the interconnection of people and ideas. If I had to draw it each community would be a circle of any size, this circle would touch with other circles to show the sharing of ideas between communities. These circles can also be within other circles to show the depth which these communities achieve.

8. Who is your City Art Artist buddy? Buddies changed on me, give me one more class >_>

9. What is your service experience (scope of service experience): Most of my service experience has taken place in college starting with being a CL for Times2 academy, a participant in habitat for humanity, a volunteer at the International Institute of RI for more than a year, ESL classes for Hurley workers and ESL tutoring at Dexter manor.

10. Do you have any previous connection to South Providence community? I’ve lived there for the past 8-9 years

11. What is your favorite part of the Providence (Providence College) Community? I would have to say the love is in the size. At PC you get to know an immense amount of people whom you get to interact with in many different close settings. I spend most of my time at Slavin and I get to see everyone I know and meet new people which I get to do everyday.

12. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were your buddy’s age? An Architect. That was the age when our family house in the Dominican Republic was finished being built and I had decided at that age that I was either going to become an Engineer or an Architect.

13. Did you ever take any art classes when you were younger? No formal classes. I did take some classes at city arts but they were small workshops and only lasted for a week or two during the summer.

14. Was there art in your school? There was, we just painted and did etc. In the Dominican Republic we had arts and crafts and got to work with many different types of materials. And glue, glue everywhere.

15. What is the place of art in a community? Art in a community serves to identify the residents with each other and with the causes that surround that community. A specific place would def be on the streets, like the painted trashcans, the community signs saying don’t litter, the murals on the walls of the businesses. Anywhere where people can appreciate and relate to their community.

16. What is the place of art, specifically in your own community? In my community art serves to inspire the youth to be more active and to be more involved. Art in the community depicts our daily life and those things that unite us. It can be found on the streets, on the walls, on the posts, everywhere.

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